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Plans are not needed. An architect is not needed. Design-build is the process that requires only an idea… a spark and a phone call. Just call us; we will take it from there.

Kleinco’s design-build process can save you MONEY.

By allowing Kleinco early involvement in the design phase, we are able to identify design concepts and phases of the construction schedule that may inhibit the schedule and costs of the project. By identifying cost-effective opportunities, Kleinco builds the best quality project, without wasting a penny.

Kleinco’s design-build process can save you TIME.

Our team allows design and construction to easily overlap, allowing for fast track construction. You benefit from a shortened timeframe, allowing you to be “move in ready” even sooner than expected.

Kleinco offers a single point of responsibility.

A design-build contract facilitated by our team at Kleinco combines design and construction quality, cost, and schedule into a single point of responsibility. The buck stops with your Kleinco team. You can depend on it.

Kleinco delivers improved project quality.

Architect, contractor and engineer coordinate as a team, leaving you free to focus on the overall scope and general decision making. Architect, contractor and engineer work as a team to maximize design and functionality while maintaining budgetary and schedule concerns.

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